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Welcome to Greg Tarnacki

When I decided to solicit followers on LinkedIn, my idea was to impart some knowledge and make connections along the way. As the CEO of 18Loop, I've had the pleasure of working with leaders in the pharmaceutical industry as well as with doctors specializing in oncology and palliative care. I also have had discussions with technology CEOs working on Virtual Reality (VR) products, all of whom have different aspirations and exit strategies.

18Loop is a fun project for me because it builds upon my experience in IT infrastructure and software. I always thought that the best people and products were focused on solving important problems. That's what we try to do, and we do it while working with a smart group of healthcare and IT professionals.

Im my upcoming posts, I'd like to discuss the application of Artificial Intelligence (#aiforbusiness ), the importance of solid data science practices and a little about the cloud and infrastructure in general. I'll get to #vrtechnology/AR/Spatial computing and how it is underpinned by advanced bandwidth delivery through #5G, edge computing and more.

I like to think that in its best application, technology works to contribute to solving important problems. That technology is deployed by talented people, and they must be led and motivated to reach higher goals. I'll be quoting leadership strategies of partners and board members in future posts. I hope my page is helpful!

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