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My Original Music

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Greg Tarnacki has been recording music for 20 years. In 2009, he released Light at the End of an Era, his first commercial album. Greg’s music can be heard on Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music and Tidal. Just search Greg on any platform and you’ll find his work. He will be periodically releasing new material and songs from his demo vault. Greg has collaborated with great musicians that share his passion. Music is a hobby that allows him to demonstrate his creativity and he is happy to post his songs. Greg wrote, co-produced, arranged and performed all of his songs with the exception of the drums. He is a guitarist, pianist and vocalist. 


Shine (Song)

Light at the End of an Era (Album)


Shine was recorded in a few hours at Quad Studios in NYC. I wrote the song, played guitar and sang. Spencer Schwartz is responsible for the bass work and Jason Brown rounded out the rhythm section. 

Light at the End of an Era.png

I recorded Light at the End of an Era in 2008 and 2009 before a trip to Europe. Most of it is inspired by relationships in my life at the time. It is produced by Ben Lindell who worked out of SmashNY.

Light at the End of an Era

Click on any  image below and you'll be directed to Apple Music.


Sky So Blue


Light at the End of an Era.png

This song is built around an acoustic guitar riff that I had experimented with for some time. The keys and strings were added as elements of the production. I thought its upbeat nature was worthy of a record opener.

Anniversary image for GT.png

I wanted a song with a circular arrangement and I was pleased with the vocal harmonies added by the producer. It's inspired by the idea that in a strong relationship, every day is an anniversary. If it isn't...



This started out as an entirely different track. I worked many nights refining it and although it isn't spontaneous, it became the single. We had some great support on internet radio. The suggestions for improvement were good too!

Another Place

Mountain Lake

This is written in DADGAD, a guitar tuning favored on some Led Zeppelin tracks. It was a favorite of those who supported the original demo. Remember, she looks right through you and sees the truth!


Love is Love

The guitar, bass, vocal melody and lyrics were written on the same day for a girl named Katie that I knew. It wasn't a single, but may be the best love song I've ever written. The pianos were added later.

Moonlit Winter

Moonlit Night

The song has a strange keyboard part that I experimented with. I can play it live although it took practice to get down. The demo had a rock guitar solo, but the album track has a more spare part.  Maybe I should have kept the solo...

Hiding Place

Pebble Road

I wrote Hiding Place on my mom's piano. I think it was inspired from somewhere else. The lyrics mean more now in a way that wasn't intended when I wrote them. I thought it was a great way to finish the record.

Light at the End of an Era
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