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Extended Reality (xR), 18Loop and the Future

Other than #sustainabilitytech, I would have to say that the most consequential movement I have encountered is extended reality (#xreality). Most forecasts call for 50%+ year over year market growth for the foreseeable future in the sector, and the societal impact is predicted to be large. Of course, I am biased, as I run 18Loop, a nonprofit that deploys Virtual Reality (VR) to kids with cancer to help them tolerate treatment, recover and thrive.

I have lived through the #web20 boom of the early 2000s and I have observed different market conditions over the years. All signs point to xR exploding in popularity, with the best comparison being to that of the dawn of the smartphone itself. Augmented Reality (AR) glasses are beginning to hit the market, and just like your smartphone, early adopters will be a curiosity. However, by 2030, even those in retirement communities will wear them.

With 400,000 children globally being diagnosed with cancer each year, we have adopted the lofty goal of including all of them in the xR tech revolution. More than nine of ten children participating in our Joint Experimental Research Study (JEIRS) with the American Childhood Cancer Organization (ACCO) have reported better mood and better hospital stays. Our TRIPP, Inc. Virtual Stress Management solution is successful, and other environments have proven to impact pain as well as mood.

#18Loop is waiting for market forces and commoditization to drive down the price of VR headsets. The industry would also benefit from better standards, as mismatched hardware and software shouldn't hamper the benefits of the #VRpharmacy. I am always interested in discussing technology with new partners, as we search for ways to build on our fundraising success and impact more constituents. Let's use #techforgood and find a way to expand our reach.

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